Case Studies

Local Magazine

The concept of Local came to Ember’s co-founder as a hippie juvenile in 2006 (he’s since reneged that title). After five years of dreaming about roaming the U.S. in search for strange places and even stranger stories, he and a team of dedicated artists spent almost a year in thought and gathering narratives in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania (yes, Pennsylvania). Our successful Kickstarter campaign, in which we raised over $20K, harnessed our collective energy to go from google docs to a designed, edited, and polished print magazine. Then, we celebrated by throwing a launch event for everyone’s efforts  a seemingly small initiative in comparison. Flipboard helped sponsor it with sunglasses and other ephemera. Tito’s did not, but we still drink their vodka.


The Euler diagram says you can only pick two: “Fast, Cheap, and Good.” For CoWerks, we said pick all three. While our client had been mulling the option of applying for funding out of the Economic Development Authority of New Jersey, they weren’t sure about expanding their operations. In just under a few years, they had expanded from being an online merch business to forming a vibrant community of small businesses complete with classes, events, conferences, and recognition from major local and regional powers. With a growing waiting list for desk and office space, CoWerks pulled the trigger on the proposal two weeks before its deadline. For anyone in the grant business, or for anyone not, that is a tight window of time.

Idea Fund

The Idea Fund at Dickinson College began as the brainchild of Silverman and Webster in January 2011. The student-led incubator received its initial jolt of funding from the institution's President at the time, Bill Durden. A champion of experiential and entrepreneurial learning during his tenure, he reviewed the strategic plan drawn up by Silverman and 12 other student and provided the initial financial pool of $15,000 to get the organization on its feet...

Tribeca Flashpoint College

This digital media college in Chicago came to us with a soup-to-nuts project: create, market, and recruit a series of short-term, immersive educational programs. So, we did, starting with what Tribeca knows best...